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About us

Imagine a home in which our relationship to protecting the environment is not a distant, complicated concept. 

Sustainability is visible in many details here. Beyond just recycling and composting, it is present in 

  • the way we greet, listen and encourage each other in our dreams and projects. 
  • what we choose to buy from furniture to food, and how we choose to consume
  •  the atmosphere we create, from how we grow and take care of the space to the people we support, the cleaning products we use in the toilets, and in the way we care for nature in our garden. 
  • The initiatives we support, the networking and community we strive to bring together. 

This is all happening at play:space in Cluj.

how play:space was born

A collapsing climate is no easy time to live through, and we too have felt the desperation, the anxiety, the restlessness. Beyond those, there was also a call to action, an adventure of finding our way to contribute to the Transition that our society has the chance to go through. 

play:space is a dream born out of the minds of a few friends who realised that they each care deeply for our planet in their own way. We wanted to create a welcoming home for all eco-action in Cluj-Napoca, in all its forms. 

In the summer of 2022 we organised econstellations, a small festival of eco-action and authentic relationships where we collaborated with different facilitators and sustainable food providers. The enthusiasm of the participants and the relationships that were formed gave us the courage to go forth so, in the autumn, we opened the doors to an actual house. 

Below, you can see a few photos from the festival.

In play:space, we say that “nothing is ever done” and we are continuously working to transform the house with all its parts- events, co-working, co-living & social spaces- into an urban sustainability and eco-awareness oasis.
We use recycled, upcycled, donated or 2nd hand materials and love collaborating with local artists, craftspeople and enthusiasts.

Our main dream is to transform this from a house into an extended community offering support, friendship and hope to all people aware and taking action on the ecological & social condition of our Planet.

why “play:space”?

The challenges that we face as humanity are not child’s play and we are aware of that.
However, when we act from a place of perfectionism and (self-)criticism we are much more likely to give up or get stuck and not move at all.

In these challenging times, we believe that the spirit of innocence, curiosity and play is an important resource to support us in acting for the pain and problems of the world. 

When we play, we get to experiment, find a flow, create our own rules & be limitless in our capacity to dream. 

play:space offers a safe ground to let imagination and visionary inspiration run free and manifest itself, backed by a supportive community.