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Our values

the sustainability mosaic

Sustainability is a mosaic of many pieces, from direct and concrete actions like our choice of transport and diet, to the deeper aspects of how we relate to each other and the world, equity and the mindset through which we view our Earth.

We believe each piece is important and greater changes will be achieved when we put them together, creating an environment in which they can all be supported. This stays at the root of everything that we build together, and all our other values.

togetherness & mutual support

If we are each a piece of the mosaic, then surely we will have different colours. From technological innovation, business and renewable energy to psychology, education, personal development, arts and more, we are grounded in supporting each other on our individual path towards sustainability, nurturing our passions and interests so that we contribute to the actions that really matter to us.


authentic relationships

Sometimes, overwhelming challenges become lighter when we have behind us a nurturing, supportive circle that mirrors our strengths, offers valuable feedback and helps us to feel loved. We believe true systemic change starts at the roots: at the way we relate to ourselves, each other, our work, the systems we are part of and the ecosystem. We encourage and practise authentic relating, speaking from the heart and cultivating relationships in which everybody is seen, heard and known. 


A challenge that we never encountered before at such a scale will require solutions that have never been seen before. We encourage healthy innovation, the capacity to dream, plan, experiment and build inner and outer solutions for a sustainable future. 

systemic view of problems & change

A challenge as complex as the climate crisis does not have singular, easy to track causes or solutions. We strive to take into account all the factors involved that got us here- from greenhouse gas emissions to mental health, social and ecological justice, our environments, life experiences, cultural influences and emotional lives. We take actions and decisions trying to keep as many factors as possible in mind, and work in diverse teams who are familiar with different aspects of the sustainability challenge.

emotional wholeness

All our emotions are messengers about what truly matters to us, and we honour and invite them all to teach and inform us. We do not believe in suppressing what may seem like ‘negative’ emotions for a “good vibes only” quick fix, nor do we believe in drowning in the doom and gloom and forgetting to celebrate our achievements or have some fun. We are creating a social environment in which both eco-anxiety and grief, playfulness and joy can find a safe space to be.