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Many of us crave a return to connection and living as sustainably as we can. At the same time, sharing spaces & resources is also a planet-friendly approach!

play:space is home to a small group of people with similar views and values

who are living together and experimenting with sustainable co-living in the city

The upstairs level of play:space is divided into 5 cosy, flexible co-living rooms, all with access to shared bathrooms, kitchen and garden. 

Available rooms

We currently have rooms available for short or medium term rental. Prices include all bills, fast internet and access to all the shared spaces.

Please contact us directly to confirm availability and to book.

Yoga room

€25 per night or €140 per week – see our reviews on AirBnB

Mountain room

€19 per night or €100 per week – see our reviews on AirBnB

Common spaces

We do our best to implement sustainable, eco-friendly and authentic relationship practices such as:

  • cooking together, mostly plant-based
  • recycling & composting
  • furnishing based on upcycled, donated & second-hand items
  • gathering regularly to share feelings & challenges
  • & generally doing things that we like, both meaningful and fun, together 🙂

Please email us at to confirm availability and to book.

Become a long term resident

Are you passionate about the planet? Do you care about community?

We have space for one more enthusiastic soul to join our “resident team”. Together we maintain the house, welcome guests, and organise sustainability-related events.

We try to maintain authentic and compassionate relationships, regularly checking in and taking care of each other. Still, we have our own rooms and belongings, and have plenty of time to ourselves as well, when we need it.

If you’re interested, click below. If you have questions, get in touch.