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Rooms & prices

The workshop space offers two spacious, cosy and well-lit rooms equipped with chairs and/or pillows, blankets, hi-fi sound system and workshop materials.

Our standard price is now 80 lei/hour, whether you use one room or both.

Fireplace room

fits up to 25 people on the floor, on chairs or standing

Large room

fits up to 35 people on the floor, on chairs or standing

How to book

First, please check our calendar to see if the rooms are free on the dates you need.

Then please email us at describing the event you’re planning and what you need, and we see if we can accommodate you. Please do so at least 1 week in advance, as we may take several days to respond. Include your phone number so that we can call you to agree the details more efficiently.

We are particularly keen to host events related to sustainability, the climate crisis, social and environmental change and authentic relating but are open to any events that don’t break our events policy.

The booking includes:

  • Tea, coffee, water, tea kettle and coffee maker
  • Chairs, pillows, blankets
  • Flipchart and markers, hi-fi sound system with bluetooth and AUX cable inputs


We will welcome you with a clean & warm space, and you can let us know in advance about logistical needs (e.g. number of chairs). Besides this, you will be responsible for any additional space preparation your workshop needs. Please allow time to prepare and book accordingly to the time you need.

example: if your workshop happens between 18.00 and 20.00 but you need 45 minutes to set up your space and 45 minutes to gather everything after, please book from 17.15 to 20.45.

To use the fireplace, you will provide your own wood for the fire. Coal cannot be used. At the moment we have not found a sustainable source of wood and cannot provide it. As the fireplace is purely aesthetic and provides little heat to the room, we encourage everyone to consider the Planet & resources before deciding if burning wood truly adds to the experience.